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Lost Eidolons: How to Save Your Game

Do this to save your game manually

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Lost Eidolons How to Save Your Game

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical RPG similar to Fire Emblem. You take on the role of Eden, a mercenary captain, in the game set in the country of Benerio.

As Eden, you’ll gather your allies and defend yourself against either monsters or men as your foes.

You will need to manually save your progress as you play the game, and we will demonstrate how to do that.

How to Save Your Game in Lost Eidolons

How to Save Your Game in Lost Eidolons

As you play the game, Eden and his mercenary group will be your starting characters. After that, you’ll be dropped into combat.

Your troops will be moved in a grid. In a 1v1 battle, reaching an enemy will alter your unit’s perspective. The enemies you can encounter in the game can be a monster or from the enemy camp.

Even the cutscenes will consume much of your time because of how drawn-out the combat may be. If you wish to stop playing, you can manually save your game without losing your progress.

Saving Manually

Saving Manually

In Lost Eidolons, you can manually save, but you must first go to the camp. Three battles, including the tutorial, must be completed before accessing the camp.

You can manually save once you’ve reached your camp by using the Esc key and choosing to save. Do not fear; the game will automatically save your progress before you arrive at the camp.

Battles can be drawn out and tiresome; therefore, the ability to manually save is a huge assistance in the game.

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