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Len’s Island Uncharted Waters: How to Add Villagers

No man is an island on Len’s Island!




Lens Island Uncharted Waters How to Add Villagers

In Len’s Island, players will go on dungeon crawls, explore an island, and build a home. There are plenty of things to do on the island if you simply wander around gathering resources and constructing structures, but one of the things you need to focus on early in the game is rebuilding Bridgewater.

On Len’s Island, the players won’t be alone. Bridgewater is a lovely community full of shops and locals. Clear lots and construct homes for the villagers to help rebuild the town.

You never know who you’ll meet on your travels; if you do, you’ll have a new acquaintance to barter with for supplies. If you’re new to the game and you want to know how to add villagers, you have this guide to help you out.

Bridgewater Town Board

Bridgewater Town Board

Bridgewater is a town northeast of your starting island where shops and villagers stay. However, getting to Bridgewater is impossible until the bridge there is fixed.

Once you successfully build a bridge, you’ll be able to get into town and access the Town Board.

The Town Board is where you can upgrade Bridgewater, adding new plots of land for you to buy and villagers you can house. Keep upgrading to house more villagers that you encounter along your journey.

Building a House

Building a House

To add a villager, you must build a home for them on a plot of land in Bridgewater. The only requirements for a home are a building and a bed.

Once you’ve built a home for your chosen villager, click on the mailbox and select the villager you want to add.

The next day, your chosen villager will set up a shop where you can buy, sell, and trade items.

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