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Len’s Island: Ultimate Fishing Guide

Catch fish and gain buffs the right way!




Lens Island Ultimate Fishing Guide

In Len’s Island, players are transported to a gorgeous but mysterious island where they can create their own paradise by constructing a home and uncovering the Island’s secrets.

With the Uncharted Waters expansion, players can set sail and discover more than 30 new islands that have been meticulously created only for them.

One of the most exciting things to do on Len’s Island is fishing. If you cook your fish in a fireplace, you can either eat it and gain access to its special buff that can aid you in battle or sell it to Kevin the Fisherman for gold.

If you’re new to the game, this guide will give you the ultimate tips and tricks regarding fishing on Len’s Island.

Getting a Fishing Pole

Getting a Fishing Pole

To be able to start fishing, you will need a Fishing Pole. You can buy a fishing pole from Captain James Gunnar in the eastern part of the Island you spawn in. He is located aboard a shack.

Aside from the Fishing Pole, Captain James Gunnar sells a Fish-Stick sword that can be used as a weapon. You can also sell all of the fish you get to him.

Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

Now that you have a Fishing Pole head to any body of water to start fishing. Once your bobber drops down the water, don’t click immediately. Wait until a white circle comes out before you click.

Each fish has different patterns of circles depending on its rarity. Some may prompt red circles, which you shouldn’t click. The rarer the fish is, the more red circles, making it harder to get.

As of the moment, there are six different kinds of fish you can get, including:

  • Sardine (caught in the ocean)
  • Bluegill (caught in ponds and rivers)
  • Rainbow Trout (caught in ponds and rivers)
  • Fugu (caught in the ocean)
  • Swordfish (caught in the ocean)
  • Angler Fish (caught in cave ponds)

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