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Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe: All Energy Spheres in White Wafers 4-3

Find all energy spheres hidden in White Wafers.




Kirbys Return to Dreamland Deluxe All Energy Spheres in White Wafers 4 3

Relive the nostalgia as you play Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe and accompany the cutest pink ball to defeat Magolor while exploring different area locations and doing extra stuff.

On your way to take down Magolor, you will enter the White Wafer. There, you will find 19 energy spheres during the fourth level.

It sure is a lot of energy spheres, so we will narrow it down and show you the location of the energy spheres in level 4 stage 3.

Where to Find All Energy Spheres in White Wafers 4-3

Where to Find All Energy Spheres in White Wafers 4 3
Source: Trophy Tom

Finding energy spheres is an important part of playing Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe. They’re among the hard-to-find collectibles as they give power to the Lor Starcutter.

Once obtained, you can use them to unlock doors to sub-games and some more challenges throughout the journey.

That said, here are their locations in White Wafers 4-3.

Energy Sphere 1

Energy Sphere 1
Source: Trophy Tom

To find the first energy sphere in this stage, you will need the spear ability. You can get it beside the metal obstacles blocking the way as shown in the picture above.

Use the spear on the bomb to explode.

Keep moving forward as you go past the giant spiky balls. After you traverse into a giant V path, you will see a platform.

Energy Sphere 1 1
Source: Trophy Tom

As you move a little further, you will see another platform beside it. Be careful as you approach here because it is guarded by a giant spiky ball.

Energy Sphere 2

Energy Sphere 2

For the second sphere, start in the position shown in the image. Move a little to the left to see a glass gem protected by star blocks. Get this item to turn Kirby invisible and easily get past the enemies.

Remember that you can’t use any abilities while holding the gem so be wary of the surroundings before you unequip the glass gem.

Energy Sphere 2 1

Keep moving up until you come across other metal obstacles. Attack the bomb to destroy the whole block.

Make sure to quickly carry the glass gem again because a giant icy ball will roll toward you. From the icy ball’s previous spot, you will get the second energy sphere.

Energy Sphere 3

Energy Sphere 3

From this spot, inhale the enemy on the right to gain the cutter ability. Once you obtain the ability, charge the cutter attack while aiming at the enemy on the right.

It will bounce to the walls which will clear the way for you.

Energy Sphere 3 1

As soon as the platform falls, you will be able to enter a small hole that will lead to another room. Get downstairs and use the charge attack once again to release the giant icy ball so that you can get to the top.

Energy Sphere 4

Energy Sphere 4

To get the last energy sphere, you have to get the water ability by defeating Water Galboros using your cutter ability.

Then, move straight to the right. Get the star key and step on this platform. While you are standing there, use your water ability to release a wave that will trigger the pink star.

You will notice the platform rising up.

Energy Sphere 4 1

Use the star key to unlock this area with another metal blockage inside. Blow it up using the bomb to reveal the last energy sphere.

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