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Kingdoms and Castles: How to Increase Happiness

Learn how to increase your peasant’s happiness in Kingdoms and Castles.




Kingdoms and Castles How to Increase Happiness

While it is important to monitor the consistent growth of your town into your goal kingdom, the state and condition of your peasants inside must also be taken into consideration.

In this game, Kingdoms and Castles, you can show your concern for your workers by paying attention to their happiness levels.

I mean, who would not be excited to work and live in a place or town that affects your happiness positively, right?

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the concept of happiness in Kingdoms and Castles.

What is Happiness in Kingdoms and Castles

What is Happiness in Kingdoms and Castles

The world and the productivity of the whole village are affected by happiness levels.

In this game, there are two types of happiness that you should pay attention to. Namely, these are house happiness and global happiness.

House happiness can be affected by adjacent buildings, access to industrial buildings, and even taxes. On the other hand, global happiness is the average happiness level of all the buildings in your kingdom. The house happiness can go beyond 100, but the latter only ranges from 0 to 100.

How to Increase Happiness in Kingdoms and Castles

How to Increase Happiness in Kingdoms and Castles
Source: Vayify

As mentioned, there are different factors that can affect the happiness levels of the housing in your town. Each of these has different maximum effects in increasing happiness levels.

Let us start with their access to necessities and their maximum happiness effect.

  • Charcoal: +5 happiness
  • Railroad: +3 happiness
  • Neighbors: +3 happiness
  • Well: +5 happiness
  • Fountain: +7 happiness
  • Large fountain: +10 happiness
  • Different bodies of water: +5 happiness

Next are the leisure spots and other community buildings.

  • Library: +12 happiness
  • Great library: +7 happiness
  • Church (base): +4 happiness
  • Church (master): +6 happiness
  • Tavern (wheat and fruit only): +8 happiness
  • Tavern (wheat and fruit with master): +10 happiness
  • Town square: +3 happiness
  • Statues: +3 happiness
  • Bathhouse: +9 happiness
  • Cathedral (base): +4 happiness
  • Cathedral (master): +6 happiness
  • Garden (base): +3 happiness
  • Garden (Irrigated): +4 happiness
  • Garden (irrigated with full adjacency): +8 happiness

Now that you already know the factors that increase the happiness levels of the houses, and eventually globally, make sure to consider placing these near the peasant’s houses.

If you wonder why you should do this, it is because a happiness level that is over 100 makes your people pay higher taxes without complaining. Win-win!

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