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Kingdoms and Castles: How to Get Stone

Start growing your kingdom by looking for stones.




Kingdoms and Castles How to Get Stone

The Kingdoms and Castles is now available on Steam which means you will have to get the chance to experience the fun and excitement of growing a simple town into a mighty kingdom.

Despite the different and several objectives of the game, you will have this one crucial task, and that is to develop your town. Make sure to raise a kingdom in order to form an alliance with the neighboring AI-controlled kingdoms, and start wars if needed.

However, you cannot do this by just building alone. You also have to be particular about the materials needed for each infrastructure. That being said, learning how to get stones is one important thing you must know.

Where to Get Stones in Kingdoms and Castles

Where to Get Stones in Kingdoms and Castles
Source: cheapbooks

Building different structures needed in Kingdoms and Castles also require its simplest building unit. In this game, that is the stone. It is one of the most important resources found in the game. Without this, you would not be able to succeed in building your kingdom.

Stones are found in the Quarry, a type of industrial building that you can find in the game. When you have this, it can give you a base output of 20 stones annually. If certain modifications and upgrades are done, the base product can also increase.

How to Get the Stones in the Quarry

How to Get the Stones in the Quarry
Source: cheapbooks

The first thing you have to do is look at the mini-map and look for the resources available. As shown in the picture, there are lots of stones available. However, not all these stones can be used.

What you need to do is click each of the stones and look for one that says Stone available to quarry. Once you have already found one, go to the Industry Tab and select Quarry.

Once it is selected, build it next to the stone available to the quarry. However, it needs to be located near a road so you have to work on your roading system first or find another stone available.

build it next to the stone available to the quarry
Source: cheapbooks

When you already have built the quarry, the workers inside will automatically produce stones for you.

As mentioned, each quarry will have a base production of 20 per year. But upon giving access to tools, the production rate will be doubled. Plus, when it has both access to tools and Master workers, the production will be 50 stones a year.

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