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Kingdoms and Castles: How to Build Over Deep Water

Ever considered having a fortified structure on water? We got you covered here!




Kingdoms and Castles How to Build Over Deep Water

The Kingdoms and Castles is a city-building simulation game. Not just a simple city but a startup kingdom. The main objective of this game is for you to create a kingdom from just a tiny village and build alliances with the other neighboring kingdoms.

Expanding your territory does not just limit you from the land on which you can build. As a starting ruler of the kingdom, all the water inside your jurisdiction land is also your property.

You just have to learn how to use them properly in order to achieve your objective.

That being said, we will tell you how to build over deep water in Kingdoms and Castles.

How to Identify Deep Water

How to Identify Deep Water

In Kingdoms and Castles, you can easily differentiate the deep water from fresh water. As shown in the picture, all bodies of water are depicted as everything blue. But their difference in their shades means another.

The light blue tiles symbolize all the fresh water, while the dark blue tiles are for deep water.

Even on bodies of water, you can still build different maritime buildings. But not all can be raised in deep water.

Among all the maritime buildings, the only one you can build in deep water is the dock.

How to Build Over Deep Water in Kingdom and Castles

How to Build Over Deep Water in Kingdom and Castles
Source: JelleWho

In order to construct a dock, you must first complete the needed resources. A dock needs 30 wood, 5 stones, and 25 gold.

Once you have collected enough materials, click the Industry Tab and look for the Docks. Select the dock and drag it on the world. You can place it on any body of water. You can also place it on land as long as its portion is on water.

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