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KartRider: Drift: How to Get Nitro Faster

Get ahead of everyone by learning how to get the Nitro.




KartRider Drift How to Get Nitro Faster 1

KartRider: Drift is a free-to-play multiplayer game where you and your friends can enjoy competing and showing off your driving skills.

Same as other usual racing games, your main objective is to finish the track first to win. To do this, you have to perfectly use the boosters. In this game’s context, that would be the nitro.

However, not everyone can use nitro properly, causing them to waste their power up. With that said, we made this guide to help you understand how you can get nitro faster.

How to Get Nitro Faster in KartRider: Drift

How to Get Nitro Faster in KartRider Drift

Source: donutKR

Nitro is the booster that you gain in-game to help you accelerate faster and reach the finish line easily. However, this nitro is not like the other boosters that you can buy from the shop to use during the race.

Instead, it is earned during the game after doing successful drifts. Aside from this, there are still some more factors that affect your nitro gain. These would be as follows:

Kart Angle

Kart Angle

Source: donutKR

Your kart angle refers to the amount of the side of your kart that you see. The more side of your kart is seen, the sharper your angle is.

When drifting, the longer you press the left and right buttons, the more angle you have. This also translates to faster nitro gain.



Source: donutKR

The next thing you need to consider is your kart’s tension. In this context, tension refers to the kart’s angle before you do a drift.

The more tension you have, the better quality of drift you can do. These two equate to a faster nitro gain as well.

Some of the ways that you can create more kart tension involve doing a pre-turn, a short drift, or a cut drift.


Pre turning

Source: donutKR

Pre-turning is one of the easiest and most basic ways to build up kart tension. To do this, you have to press the direction where you want to drift first before you even press the drift button.

However, doing this is not applicable to all tracks. Pre-turning takes a longer time to create tension, which is why this is more applicable to use when driving in a straight path at full speed.

Short Drift

Short Drift

Compared to pre-turning, the short drift is a faster way to build kart tension. This explains why this is mostly recommended for newbie players who want to learn drifting.

In relation to the fact that it creates more tension faster, doing short drifts also helps you gain nitro faster.

This is also used at a slower speed, especially if there is not much time to do a pre-turn.

Cut Drift

Cut Drift

The cut drift is used when the consecutive turns are close to each other and both go the opposite directions. You can do this by drifting and setting up your kart angle at the of your drift.

Once you reach the turn, immediately press the opposite direction. Just like the short drift, this also builds up kart tension quickly which leads to faster nitro gain.

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