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KartRider: Drift: How to Combo Boost

Like most kart racers before it, you’ll need to master the boost mechanics to master the courses. Here is a quick guide on how to combo boost in KartRider: Drift!




KartRider Drift

KartRider: Drift is like many kart racers before it such as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racer. However, what sets KartRider: Drift apart is its cross-play features. Though the game has yet to launch, it will start its Preseason on PC  Steam, iOS, and Android on January 11th.

The game will also be launching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions at a later date. The game will have cross play features that will allow gamers to play the game against others across most, if not all, of the consoles it is released on.

For those looking forward to this game that wants a competitive edge, they should learn the combo boost. A combo boost is quickly chaining full drifts together using the momentum gained from instant boosting. 

To help you get started, here is a quick guide on how to combo boosts in the game.

Disable Driver-Assist Features

Before you can combo boost, you’ll need to go into the options menu and disable all driver-assist features. Drive assist features limit the amount of control you have, making combo boosting impossible.

Learn How to Full Drift, Countersteer, and Instant Boost

Learn How to Full Drift Countersteer and Instant Boost
Source: donutKR

Because combo boosting combines full drifts and instant boosts, you’ll need to learn them to pull off the maneuver successfully. You will also need to master countersteering. All of these moves will help you pull off combo boosts.

How to Combo Boost

How to Combo Boost
Source: donutKR

To perform a combo boost, break into an instant boost, then countersteer, break into another drift, then boost again.

This is a sort of rhythmic pattern that you’ll need to get a feel for, but before long, you’ll easily get the hang of combo instant boosts.

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