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Is Honkai Star Rail Going to be Open World

Will you have the chance to freely explore the world around you?

Romeli Daclizon



Is Honkai Star Rail Going to be Open World

Honkai: Star Rail is the next big game from the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. Similar to other titles of HoYoverse, the game shares the same art style and some characters from other games might even make an appearance.

However, with Genshin Impact’s open-world design, you might wonder if Honkai: Star Rail follows suit. After all, the freedom to explore vast areas to search for collectibles and secrets is tremendously exciting.

Let’s find out if that’s the case with this game.

Is Honkai: Star Rail Open World?

Is Honkai Star Rail Open World

Source: Gamers Heroes

The world of Honkai: Star Rail is undoubtedly huge, with large areas you can travel to. As you can see on the map, it features a bunch of dungeons you can explore.

You can even see detailed backgrounds, though there’s no way to get to them as you can only traverse the path on the map.

Also, you will need to load before entering a different area.

Is Honkai Star Rail Open World 1

Source: Gamers Heroes

So, the answer to the question is, unfortunately, no. The game is not open-world, unlike its predecessors.

It might be disappointing, especially for players who come from Genshin Impact, as they are used to exploring Teyvat without loading it to a different location.

However, each map in Honkai: Star Rail is enormous, and exploring them is fun. For example, one of the largest maps in the game is the Great Mine which contains up to 20 chests to discover.

Is Honkai Star Rail Open World 2

Source: Gamers Heroes

In addition, there are also buildings you can go inside, such as Natasha’s Clinic in Boulder Town.

It’s a shame that the game doesn’t have the open-world design that’s common among most games these days. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it out to check if it’s really for you.

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