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Is Atomic Heart Multiplayer?

Find out whether Atomic Heart has Co-op elements or not

Romeli Daclizon



Does Atomic Heart Have Multiplayer Co Op Option

Atomic Heart is a new Sci-fi Horror game where you will play as an elite soldier seeking the truth about why friendly robots are suddenly attacking people.

You will encounter terrifying machines along with mutant enemies. The best part is you can kill them with a gun, a melee weapon, or a unique ability.

With these elements, you might think there is a PVP or multiplayer in Atomic Heart. To learn more about whether Atomic Heart is multiplayer, continue reading below.

Does Atomic Heart Have Multiplayer Co-Op Option?

Is Atomic Heart Multiplayer

According to Atomic Heart’s Game Director, Robert Bagratuni, there is no multiplayer in the game now. In fact, the game will focus on letting you immerse in the story by doing puzzles, quests, world stories, and many more.

So, there is no multiplayer option in Atomic Hearts at the moment, and probably never will.

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This means you will be on your own when you face off the various robots and mutant enemies.

However, at the end of the interview, Robert Bagaratuni confirmed that DLCs will significantly expand the narrative and open world of Atomic Heart and introduce new complexes and labs.

These DLCs will make you learn more about the world the game is set on by completing challenges. Four DLCs are currently announced, but no dates are confirmed for their release.

Suppose you’ve bought the Gold or Premium Edition of Atomic Heart. In that case, you will see that you have an Atomic Pass.

In the game pass you will receive an Exclusive Polymer Glove Skin and DLC. If the DLC comes out, you will automatically get it.

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