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Industries of Titan: New Players Guide | Top Things You Need to Know

Build your industrial kingdom the right way with this guide!




Industries of Titan New Players Guide Top Things You Need to Know

This exciting sim builder brings a twist to the classical city builder formula by having players build a sophisticated industrial complex.

This may sound simple at first, but some players have been reporting issues when understanding how some of the game’s systems work.

We have crafted this guide to share certain tips that may guide new players into building their wildest industrial dreams.

Top Things You Need to Know in Industries of Titan

Top Things You Need to Know in Industries of Titan

Source: JD PLAYS

Industries of Titan is a new game, so there will be a lot of things to take in. Here are some things worth knowing to give you a kickstart in your first playthrough:

Survey Everything

You will encounter ruins at some point which you can scavenge immediately and claim their resources.

However, we recommend surveying the ruins first so you can decide whether the ruin is worth scavenging or not.

Use the Tech-Web

Like in many other strategy games, you can use a tech tree to gain certain perks. You will need to use Artifacts to use the Tech-Web, so keep that in mind when spending on the Tech-Web.

Keep a Surplus of Fuel and Energy

Keep a Surplus of Fuel and Energy

Source: JD PLAYS

Even if you think your economy is fine, it may be a good idea to keep extra Generators and Fuel Fabricators.

Some buildings use a lot of resources, so don’t forget to invest!

Don’t Place Every Fabricator in the Same Spot

There is a limited supply of Xethane per area on the map, so you want to scout for places with a high Xethane concentration and place the Fabricators in many different spots.

Build Storage Containers ASAP

When building your HQ, you need to make sure there is a large or medium container in which you can stockpile resources.

Build different stockpiles for Minerals and Isotopes to maximize storage capacity.

Build an Early Processor

Try getting the processor as soon as you’ve built a Factory and its power grid.

Processors make resources more valuable, so getting one of them early is more of an investment than it is a waste.

These tips should give you a bit of a helping hand during your first few hours of gameplay. 

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