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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get the Tempest Axe

Get your hands on this powerful weapon right now!




Immortal Fenyx Rising How to Get the Tempest Axe

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action-adventure RPG released by Ubisoft featuring magnificent visuals and engaging combat. This open-world adventure game transports the player to a whimsical interpretation of Ancient Greece. 

We have crafted this guide so players who are roaming this dreamland can get one if not the most powerful weapons in the game: The Tempest Axe.

Obtaining the Tempest Axe

Obtaining the Tempest Axe


In comparison to swords, axes are heavier weapons that deal more damage but also deal drain more damage. The axe in question, The Tempest Axe, can compensate for its relatively low swing speed by dealing stun damage.

The Tempest Axe can be found inside a Guarded Chest located West of the Hall of the Gods. As it’s the case for every Guarded Chest, you can expect to find a lot of enemies in this location, so be prepared for a fight!

What the Tempest Axe Offers

What the Tempest Axe Offers


You should pair this axe with the Harpy Helmet, as the latter will buff your aerial attacks. The Tempest Axe grants (when upgraded) a 28% chance to deal triple damage when performing aerial combos.

When you combine the Harpy Helmet with the axe and the Stun Damage, you have a weapon that can deal consistent damage while also applying crowd-control to your enemies in the stun.

As such, the Tempest Axe is one of the deadliest weapons in the game, and we sincerely hope to find it has made your gaming experience much better!

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