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Illuvium Overworld Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Lost in the immersive and detailed world of Illuvium Overworld? No worries, we got you covered!




Illuvium Overworld Beginners Guide Everything You Need to Know

Illuvium Overworld is the first ever Interoperable Blockchain Game or IBG. Illuvium Overworld is a blockchain-infused open-world exploration and auto battler game built on the popular Ethereum blockchain.

While many may scoff at the inclusion of blockchain, games incorporating this innovative technology are constantly evolving and now deliver experiences similar to a traditional game.

Currently, the game is in closed beta, so not everyone can dive in. However, those that do will find an immersive and detailed overworld where they can explore, get lost, and collect resources.

If you want to get the most out of the game but need help figuring out where to start, here are some great tips for beginners!

Sanctum Mesa

Sanctum Mesa
Source: Illuvium

When you first hop into the game, you will be loaded into Sanctum Mesa, your home base. From here, you can forge items, forge Illuvials, recoup after a long journey, and access the overworld map.

Initially, you won’t be able to do much at Sanctum Mesa. However, before long, you will be able to bring back the resources and Illuvial you found when exploring the Overworld.

With these resources, you can create better and better equipment for your character. Sanctum Mesa is also where fuse Illuvial to make them stronger. Fusing illuvial and creating better equipment is how you progress in the Overworld.

Map & Fuel

Map Fuel
Source: Illuvium

Now that you have familiarized yourself with your home base, it’s time to start collecting resources and exploring the Overworld.

To get started, run into the massive obelisk, which sits in the middle of Sanctum Mesa, which will pull up the map and allow you to travel to different points in the Overworld.

Currently, there is only one area to travel to (Crimson Waste) as the game is still in beta. However, the game will have seven different locations to explore.

Each area has different stages. The higher the stage, the more powerful Illuvials and better resources you will find.

To travel to these different stages, you need fuel. While fuel is given out during the beta, upon release, players must find fuel from the Overworld or purchase it from the market.

Resource Collection & Capturing Illuvial

Resource Collection Capturing Illuvial
Source: Illuvium

As mentioned previously, to progress in the Overworld, you must collect resources and fuse Illuvial.

To collect resources, you must explore and find them throughout the map. You simply scan the resource to see what it contains and then extract it. Further scans can yield even more resources.

Illuvial is captured by winning encounters in the Overworld. Once you have won an encounter, you can use shard fragments to capture the Illuvial.

Drag and drop the shard over the Illuvial, and you will have captured it! From there, you can bring Illuvials back to Sanctum Mesa, where you can fuse them. A fused Illuvial is much more powerful than those you discover in the Overworld.

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