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Illuvium: Best Strategies to Survive Higher Waves

The auto battler portion of Illuvium Overworld takes a significant amount of strategy, so here are tips to help you survive higher waves.




Illuvium Best Strategies to Survive Higher Waves

Illuvium Overworld is a mechanic-rich game that provides numerous gameplay types to create an engaging experience. The majority of the game is centered on an auto battler mode where you take the Illuvial you have found throughout the overworld to battle and collect other Illuvial to build up your party.

There is also an in-depth Illuvial fuse mechanic, which allows you to take multiple Illuvials to create something much stronger and rarer.

There is also the survival mode for those looking to earn higher rewards. Survival mode allows you to take your Illuvial team and go through numerous, increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

As you progress through higher waves, the survival sections can become increasingly challenging, so having a sound strategy is vital. From deck building to card placement and counter picking, there is a lot of moving parts to consider.

A lot goes into creating a deck and battling if you are looking to make your way to higher waves.

So, if you want to survive the higher waves, here are some tips to help you do so.

Watch Your Opponent & Prioritize Your Attack

Watch Your Opponent Prioritize Your Attack

Source: illuvinomics – Godson

When battling in survival mode, it is crucial to watch your opponents and create a strategy around their moves and team. There are what is known as counter picks, which means picking an Illuvial that has stats and moves can easily beat another Illuvial.

Counter-picking and optimizing your attacks to go after the stronger or harder-to-take-down Illuvials will ensure you survive. A lot of this will come down to which Illuvials you have in your deck. Building a solid deck that counters your opponent is the best way to ensure success.

When creating an offensive plan, looking at your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses is best. Identify their strongest cards and build a strategy around that.

By prioritizing your attack, you stand a better chance of taking out the team before they take you out.

While this strategy centers around taking out the strongest cards first, it should also include taking out buff characters. Cards that provide buffs or heal the opposition will only make the battler longer and hard, so make sure they are also prioritized.

Protect & Sacrifice Valuable Illuvial

Protect Sacrifice Valuable Illuvial 1 1

Source: illuvinomics – Godson

When battling, there are certain Illuvials that you will want to protect. A great example of this would be healing Illuvial.

By keeping your healer alive, you can also keep your team alive and move further into the waves. Conversely, there are times when you want to sacrifice some of your Illuvial.

If you have an illuvial that can take a lot of damage, you’ll want other, less capable cards to sit around it so that the damage sponge Illuvial takes the damage, rather than the weak ones. Its strategies like this emphasize the importance of placement on the battlefield.

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