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Hypixel Skyblock: Ultimate Gemstone Mining | Best Way to Make Money

Obtain money fast by mining Rubies and Sapphires

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Hypixel Skyblock Ultimate Gemstone Mining Best Way to Make Money

One of the biggest Minecraft server networks is Hypixel. Similar games exist to Skyblock, Skyward, Bed Wars, and many others.

We’ll concentrate on Skyblock and demonstrate the most profitable method for you to get gemstones.

Best Way to Make Money in Hypixel Skyblock

Ultimate Gemstone Mining Best Way to Make Money in Hypixel Skyblock

The best way to gain money in Skyblock is through gemstone mining. However, if you wish to use this strategy, you must spend hours preparing.

You can mine for gemstones once you have access to the crystal hollows. Although there are other ways to mine gemstones, we will focus on ruby mining.

Gemstone Mining

Gemstone Mining
Credits: Dragoonmaster4

Every ore in the crystal hollows in Skyblock always generates in the same location. This allows you to write down the location of Ruby veins. Every biome can produce Ruby.

You’ll need the pet, Bal. The Magma Fields are the greatest biome to mine rubies because, while you have the pet, you gain 15% on all stats and are immune to heat.

Finding a Ruby route is the first thing you need to do. You may go to the crystal hollows if you have located your location. You can switch lobbies if you are in a public area and someone else is utilizing the spot.

Ruby route

A Ruby route can be set up in 3 different ways. The first is just to mine every single Ruby. The second is removing the tough stones around the Ruby veins. Finally, employing bob-ombs. The final approach is the most effective.

Use bob-ombs to clean the remaining veins after clearing the Ruby vein. A cobblestone platform must be installed so you won’t fall when the vein is cleared.

Gear and Powder

Gear and Powder
Credits: Implodent

You need 200 million coins, 4 million gemstone powders, and mithril powder before you can begin mining for rubies.

With the money, you must purchase a not Recombobulated full-jaded Sorrow Armor. Perfect topaz gemstones are required in each global slot, flawless jade gemstones in each jade slot, and flawless amber gemstones in each amber slot.

The mining tool you require has a flawless amber gemstone, a flawless jade gemstone, and a flawless topaz gemstone. It is called an auspicious Gemstone Gauntlet. It should have Fortune IV, Efficiency V, and Pristine V enchantments.

A level 100 Legendary Bal is required. A ring of power featuring flawless amber and jade gemstones. You’ll also require a Titanium Ring, a Mineral Talisman, and a Jungle Amulet.

You need an Epic Rarity Necklace and Belt, a Vanquished Glowstone Gauntlet, and an Ancient Cloak for your equipment.

Heart of the Mountain Tree

Heart of the Mountain Tree
Credits: Implodent

Get the following perks for your Heart of the Mountain tree:

  • Mining Speed
  • Mining Fortune
  • Mining Speed Boost
  • Efficient Miner
  • Seasoned Mineman
  • Mining Madness
  • Mole
  • Professional
  • Mining Speed II
  • Fortunate
  • Mining Fortune II
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