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How to Use Six-Axis Blocking in Undisputed

This guide shows you use the six-axis blocking technique.




How to Use Six Axis Blocking in Undisputed

Undisputed provides players with multiple ways to play. Like the Fight Night series, you can use either the face buttons or the trigger to throw a punch.

This also applies to six-axis blocking.

There are two different ways to block in the game to ensure you find something that is comfortable for your play style.

This guide will cover both styles so you can learn both and find out which one best suits you.

Blocking Using the Triggers and Right Stick

Blocking Using the Triggers and Right Stick

Source: Jay MMA

The first way to block is by using a combination of the triggers and the right stick.

By holding down the right trigger and aiming the right stick to where you want to block, you will block in that area.

Holding up blocks the head while holding down blocks the body. Holding left or right blocks on either the left or right.

If you want to block a right jab to the head, simply hold the right trigger and both up and right. If you want to block a left jab to the body, hold the right trigger and down and left, and so on.

Using the Weave with the Block

Using the Weave with the Block

Source: Jay MMA

The other way to use six-axis blocking is to weave while you block. By holding the weave button as you block, you won’t only block but will also lean back and distance yourself from the punch.

This method provides much more versatility and allows you to both get out of the way and block.

These are the two ways to take advantage of the six-axis block. Be sure to master both to enhance your defense.

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