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How to Use Fusillade Sila’s Magic – Forspoken

Press L2 to use the Fusillade Spell to take out your enemies.

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How to Use Fusillade Silas Magic Forspoken

Combat in Forspoken is about using Magic Spells to attack or defend against your enemies. As Frey, you will have access to four types of magic: Purple, Red, Blue, and Green.

One of the Magic Spells in the Red Magic category is the Fusillade spell. We’ll show you how to use it in this guide.

How to Use the Fusillade Spell

How to Use the Fusillade Spell


You will learn to use both Red and Purple Magic at a point in the game. Red Magic, or Sila’s Magic, is fire-based. It is related to Tanta Sila, one of the main antagonists in the game.

The Fusillade spell is a Defensive spell that summons multiple fiery swords. These swords can protect you by attacking your enemies. To use the Fusillade spell, hold down L1 then select it.

How to Use the Fusillade Spell 1


Once it is selected, press L2 to use it. This will then summon swords floating by your side. If you hold R2, the swords will launch unto an enemy to deal damage.

They will then come back to your side once they finish their attacks. However, once the duration is up, they will vanish.

How to Use the Fusillade Spell 2


It’s worth noting that Support or Defensive spells have cooldowns, and the only way to lessen them is by using an attack spell. Also, attack spells don’t cost any ammo or have no cooldown, making it easy to cast another Support spell again.

You can combo Attack Magics and the Fusillade Spell to annihilate your enemies.

Additionally, using Attack or Spell Magic will charge up Surge Magic. With the combo of the Fusillade Spell and an Attack Spell, it will take no time to fill it up.

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