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How to Use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts

Traverse the map quickly and easily with the Flying Vine.




How to Use Flying Vine in Wild Hearts

The Flying Vine is one of the most effective Karakuri that you can employ. This equipment, which functions as a zipline, allows you to traverse back and forth between two areas, whether you’re descending or climbing.

You will automatically unlock the Flying Vine after you begin the quest for the Kingtusk, which is part of the main plot. This quest even gives you a chance to use it first-hand.

In other words, you don’t need to do anything special to unlock it. However, if you’re wondering how to use it, this guide should help you!

Using the Flying Vine

Building the Flying Vine 1

Source: PepperHomie Game Reviews and Guides

To start, simply hold the Karakuri button and press up on the D-pad to build a Flying Vine. Afterward, select the Flying Vine Karakuri and press the Place button to build it.

Keep in mind that a Flying Vine requires a sufficient supply of the green leaf resource.

Approach the zipline gadget and hold the button to initiate the shooting mode. Then, aim at a surface where you want the location of the zipline to be.

Building the Flying Vine

Source: PepperHomie Game Reviews and Guides

The reticle will turn white if it’s aimed at a suitable surface, otherwise, it will turn red if not.

To ride the Flying Vine, simultaneously press the weapon sheath and leap buttons. On Xbox, this is RB + A while on PlayStation, it is R1 + X.

Your character will leap onto the line and start traversing it. You don’t need to hold the buttons continuously after this.

While zipping along, utilize the movement input to modify your speed or stop and reverse direction.

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