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How to Upgrade Units in Company of Heroes 3

Improve the effectiveness of your units by upgrading them.

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How to Upgrade Units in Company of Heroes 3

Upgrading your units allows you to unlock the untapped potential of your troops, allowing your army to become stronger and last longer in battles.

Unlike other RTS games, Company of Heroes 3 presents upgrades for your troops in the form of packages. This guide will show you how you can upgrade them.

How to Upgrade Your Units

To upgrade your units, select the package to apply to your troops. This will enable the upgrade to commence, assuring your squad of sufficient strength for the battles to come.

Here are the packages you can expect:

Recce Package

Recce Package

Source: tightrope gaming

This upgrade package equips your infantry squad with two scoped Lee Enfields and flares. This is more of a Support upgrade since it unlocks the forward observer barrage and recon flares abilities.

This package will cost you 45 munitions and can improve your infantry’s vision for long-range fights.

Boys Anti-tank Rifle Package

Boys Anti tank Rifle Package

Source: tightrope gaming

If your enemy has a lot of light vehicles, you should get the Boys Anti-tank Rifle Package. This package improves your infantry’s anti-vehicle capability by equipping them with two Boys Anti-tank Rifles.

This upgrade will cost you 50 munitions which will significantly improve your general firepower.

Bren Light Machine Gun

Bren Light Machine Gun

Source: tightrope gaming

If you want to improve your firepower at all ranges, then the Bren Light Machine Gun upgrade package is for you. This upgrade will equip your infantry squad with Bren Light Machine Guns.

If your enemy mostly has infantries, then this is the recommended upgrade for you.

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