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How to Upgrade Characters in Eversoul Global

This guide will help you build your characters and upgrade them.

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How to Upgrade Characters in Eversoul Global

One of the famous types of mobile games these days are MMORPG games with anime aesthetics. Specifically speaking, Eversoul Global is one of the many games that are popular in the MMORPG genre.

Not only does it have a great anime art style, but it also provides the players with unique characters that have their own classes and abilities. Other than a diverse character pool, the game also has other systems that allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can upgrade your characters in Eversoul Global.

Character Upgrade Guide

Upgrading your characters requires you to know a few things about the character systems and gear. Knowing these systems will be essential in effectively upgrading your character.

Character System

Character System

Source: XuitedGamer

Typical for most gacha games, the character system of Eversoul Global consists of the Character Faction and its respective Class.

Character Factions are the unique groupings of each character. The game provides you with 6 factions with each their unique abilities. Specifically, these factions are Human, Fairy, Demon, Beast, Angel, and Undead.

Character Classes are the unique attributes that each character possesses in the game. The character classes in this game are Caster, Warrior, Defender, Supporter, Ranger, and Striker.

Upgrade System

For this feature of the game, your goal should be to limit break your character’s level and to increase its overall rank. To limit break your character, you will need to use three units along with fodder to increase its cap from level 60 to level 80.

 For the level 100 cap, you will need to use duplicates. In this case, you will need three of them.


This part has already been introduced early in the article. To further expound on this part, The dark and light factions will be harder than the others.

These can be unlocked from summon banners similar to other gacha games.

It is speculated that you will only need dupes to unlock level 60 along with a few fodders.


Source: XuitedGamer

Another unique feature that this game has is the reset process for its characters. To return all the resources that you have spent on it.

Pantheon ( Shared Level System)

Pantheon Shared Level System

Source: XuitedGamer

Similar to other gacha games, this game also has a shared leveling system. To explain this system. This is where the average of your 5 best units is calculated.

A good tip for this system is to focus on building only 5 units. Utilize these 5 units to make duplicates and rank up.

The average of the 5 units will end up translating to the rest of your characters.

Character Gear

Character Gear

Source: XuitedGamer

The armor and weapons that your character possesses will dictate the end game. For this feature, it is advised that you should only work on four pieces since you should only grind 5 characters.

Another tip is to not dump your resources on early items because of increased tiers. Limit – breaking the items is also important to note so make sure to stock up and save your resources.

Make sure that the items you are building cater to a large character pool or the 5 characters that you are mainly grinding.

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