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How to Unlock the Last Clearance for City of Guarabad | Genshin Impact

What happens after completing the Scarlet Sand Slate?




How to Unlock the Last Clearance for City of Guarabad Genshin Impact

The most recently added map in Genshin Impact has also caused a lot of changes and new features fused in the game. One of them is the clearances.

These clearances are ancient keys obtained and used to gain access to mechanisms and ruins around the Sumeru Desert.

The more clearances you have, the wider your exploration experience will be due to your wide access.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to unlock the last clearance.

How to Unlock the Last Clearance in Genshin Impact

How to Unlock the Last Clearance in Genshin Impact

Source: JFMSTR

Clearances are kept in a tablet called the Scarlet Sand Slate. All clearances that you have obtained from the past will be collected on this slate.

However, these clearances can be gained from different map locations. And for the last clearance to complete the slate, the location will be in the City of Guarabad.

In order for you to get this last clearance, you have to locate the six Pathfinders Logs around the area.

Pathfinder Log: I

Pathfinder Log I

Source: JFMSTR

For the first location of the Pathfinder Log, go to the southeastern part of Wadi Al-Majuj near the Portable Waypoint.

Behind the waypoint, you can see a four-leaf sigil next to a cliff. Below that spot, you will see another four-leaf sigil. Travel to that area and you will land on a platform with an enemy.

Pathfinder Log I 1

Source: JFMSTR

On the side, you will see a crate with a small spark of light. Approach it to find the Pathfinder Log: I. However, make sure to take down all enemies first to be able to interact with the item.

Pathfinder Log: II

Pathfinder Log II

Source: JFMSTR

The next location will be a lot easier to find. From your previous spot, keep heading forward until you pass through this wall.

Behind this wall is another crate. You will know that it is the right spot when you see the next spark from the item. That is where you will see the Pathfinder Log: II.

Pathfinder Log: III

Pathfinder Log III

For the third log, you have to keep moving forward. Once you see a wall, climb past it until you land on this wooden platform.

Keep heading straight until you see a stair. At the end of this stair, you will see a box where the next Pathfinder Log: III is located.

Pathfinder Log: IV

Pathfinder Log IV

The fourth Pathfinder Log can be found near the broken bridge. Keep heading straight and you will see a crate on the edge of this bridge. This is where the Pathfinder Log: IV is located.

However, you will only be able to read the fourth log after defeating the enemy guarding this item.

Pathfinder Log: V

Then, cross the other side of the bridge and go right. There, you will encounter three thugs blocking the next location.

Pathfinder Log V

After the fight, go near the wall and you will see another box where the Pathfinder Log: V is located.

Pathfinder Log: VI

Down to the last one, go to the other side by facing left and using the four-leaf sigil. As you land there, you will meet another set of enemies that will prevent you from passing through. Take them down first before proceeding.

Once the combat is done, go to the other side and look for the last crate to find the Pathfinder Log: VI.

After completing the six logs, you will gain the last clearance for the Scarlet Sand Slate. Once it is completed, the tablet will turn into sand and disappear.

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