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How to Unlock Special Mounts in Traha Global

Travel in style by unlocking the special mounts

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How to Unlock Special Mounts in Traha Global

Mounts in Traha Global are a lifesaver if you want to travel quickly between cities and locations. Not only are they a relief for your tired walking feet, but they also provide a unique sense of individuality by not looking like a generic player with the generic mount.

So, don’t be like everyone else and start looking fashionable while traversing the fantastic lands of Traha Global. Luckily, this guide is exactly what you’re trying to look for. Here’s how to unlock the special mounts in Traha Global.

How to Unlock Special Mounts

Mounts can be acquired in many ways. Story quests and achievements are common ways to get them. However, special Mounts can only be acquired by buying them from general merchants or barter merchants.

If you don’t know how to get them. Don’t worry, this guide will teach you exactly that. First, go to any city like Naiad, Ludark, Debern, or Caldes Island. You can access them when you go through the map.

How to Unlock Special Mounts
Image source: Frenzonegaming

With each specific town, there will be a merchant. In Naiad, you can talk to Podnia the Barter Merchant. She’s quite small so if you can’t find her, simply look around the fountain.

Podnia the Barter
Image source: Frenzonegaming

With Barter Merchants, you can buy the special mounts by exchanging them with either of the three shards.

  • Dark Shards
  • Nature Shards
  • Light Shards
story quest
Image source: Frenzonegaming

Shards can be acquired by accomplishing your daily missions and story quest. If you select a quest, you will be able to see the rewards for accomplishing that quest below.

Shards are the common rewards for accomplishing missions, so simply finishing quest after quest can land you numerous shards.

daily missions
Image source: Frenzonegaming

To summarize, simply accomplish a lot of quests to fill up on shards to buy them from merchants.

Simply follow this routine, and you will be able to stylishly traverse towns in your cool new mount.

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