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How to Unlock Skull Door in Dark And Darker

Find the Skull Key to open the Skull Door

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How to Unlock Skull Door in Dark And Darker

Dark & Darker is an RPG extraction shooter based in the dungeon. In this game, your primary objective is to find treasure and escape the dungeon.

There are varying tiers to the loot you can get. The Skull Door can be unlocked to access a treasure trove of items. You’ll need a Key to open the door, and we’ll show you where to look.

Skull Key

Skull Key 1
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You’ll need the very rare Skull Key to unlock the Skull Door. Defeating bosses is the fastest way to obtain the Skull Key.

Skull Key 1 1
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If you kill the Lich or the Ghost King, you might be rewarded with a Skull Key. The Bosses you seek are located on the Hell Level. As soon as you have the key, head for the Skull Door to gain access to even more loot.

Skull Door

Skull Door
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Go back to the Hell Level and find this room. You’ll find it a bit further south of the boss’s room. Upon entering, head south until you find a room filled with lava. Defeat the skeletons along the way.

along the
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To get across the room, you’ll need to use the platforms.


There’s a lava monster on the other side of a stone door, so you’ll need to open it up and get rid of it.

lava monster

There is a lever on your left; activate it to open a bridge leading you to the Skull Door.

lever on your left

To enter through the Skull Door, please use the Skull Key. Heavy Ornate chests and Lion’s Head chests are inside, as well as a weapon placed on top of a table.

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