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How to Unlock Sec 7 Shop in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7

Get access to this optional shop somewhere in Sec 7




How to Unlock Sec 7 Shop in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7

While playing through Zack Fair’s mythic tale there is a fact you must accept: you will have to unlock shops throughout the game.  Worry not, as we have brought this guide to tell you exactly what needs to be done specifically for the Sec 7 Shop.

Did you know that it’s possible to unlock the Sec 7 Shop in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion? If you’ve been kept in the shadows until now, don’t worry! We have brought you this guide so you can keep on shopping to your heart’s content.

It is important to know from the start that this method of unlocking the Sec7 Shop will require completing several missions before it allows the player to acquire the shop we are looking for.

As such, you will need to finish the entire M4 – 1 group of missions and then the M4 – 2 group. Remember that the M4-1 group is unlocked automatically at the start of chapter 2.

Finishing Mission M4-4-3

Finishing Mission M4 4 3

Source: Quick Guides

During the mission, you will have to defeat a tough opponent so go well prepared: Vajradhara Karura. After he’s defeated, a screen with the sentence: conflict resolved will pop on your screen.

You will also receive the Sec 7 Shop as a reward! So, make sure to check it from time to time. Although keep in mind that some of the articles can be quite expensive!

Finishing Mission M4 4 3 1

Source: Quick Guides

Congratulations! The new shop has been unlocked and you now have access to a lot of new weapons. Personally, I’m dying to try out the Wizard Braceleted.

But it was way too expensive! I really hope this guide has been useful to you, we look forward to sharing more gaming trips with you all! Until next time.

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