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How to Unlock Puzzle Door 17/8 in Arithmancy Class – Hogwarts Legacy

For this puzzle, Math is your best friend.

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How to Unlock Puzzle Door 17 8 in Arithmancy Class Hogwarts Legacy

Being a student in Hogwarts Legacy does not mean math won’t be a part of your lessons. After all, you have the Arithmancy Class which involves studying the magical properties of numbers.

Arithmancy is also needed to solve a door called the Arithmancy door. One of these is the 17/8 door, and we will show you how to open it.

Opening the 17/8 Arithmancy Door

Opening the 17 8 Arithmancy Door

Source: GosuNoob

The Arithmancy Study Guide Page will help you solve an Arithmancy door with ease. However, you still can solve the puzzle without it.

Opening the 17 8 Arithmancy Door 1

Source: GosuNoob

You must remember that there are 10 beast symbols, each representing a number starting from 0 to 9. An Arithmancy door is surrounded by these symbols.

In order starting from the left, the symbols represent 0 to 9. The Arithmancy door that you can find within the Arithmancy Class has the numbers 17 and 8.

Opening the 17 8 Arithmancy Door 2

Source: GosuNoob

The upper number is 17 surrounded by a triangle with the number 6, a beast symbol, and an unknown number. 17 is the sum of the three numbers, with the knowledge about the beast symbols and the number they represent.

The symbol in 17 is the number 5, which means 5+6+?=17. If we add the two numbers and subtract them from the sum, we will get 6.

This means you should roll the dial with a ? to the Salamander symbol representing the number 6.

Opening the 17 8 Arithmancy Door 3

Source: GosuNoob

Below 17 is the number 8. Similar to how we solve number 17, we add the numbers surrounding 8 and then find the correct beast symbol to represent ??.

The equation for 8 is 0+ a beast symbol + ??. The beast symbol in the equation represents the number 7. This will make the equation 0+7+??=8, making ?? equal to 1 which is the Unicorn symbol.

With that in mind, simply roll the ?? dial into a Unicorn to open the door.

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