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How to Unlock Puzzle Door 15/18 in Arithmancy Class – Hogwarts Legacy

Time to do a bit of math to solve the puzzle.

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How to Unlock Puzzle Door 15 18 in Arithmancy Class Hogwarts Legacy

There are puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy involving a door with numbers on it. The two numbers are surrounded by another set of numbers, and to solve it, you need to find the value of ? and ??.

You can find one of these in the Arithmancy Class showing the numbers 15/18, and we will show you how to unlock it.

Unlocking the Puzzle Door 15/18

Unlocking the Puzzle Door 15 18

Source: GosuNoob

The doors with beast symbols surrounding them and numbers in the middle are called Arithmancy Doors. Meanwhile, the symbols correspond to a number starting from 0, with ten beast symbols.

In an Arithmancy Door, the symbols are also in order starting from the left.

The large numbers on the door are the sum of the numbers and symbols on the triangle.

For the first number, 15, we are shown the symbol of a salamander, a creature with five limbs and a ?.

If we count the symbols on the door, the salamander is 6, and the other beast is 5. The equation will then turn to 6+5+?=15.

Unlocking the Puzzle Door 15 18 1

Source: GosuNoob

If we add the two numbers, then subtract them from the sum, we will get 4. The fourth symbol is a bird. For this, go to the dial with a ? and roll it into the bird symbol.

Unlocking the Puzzle Door 15 18 2

Source: GosuNoob

The next is to find the value of ??. Similar to the last number, we only need to add the shown numbers and subtract them from the sum.

The door shows the number 13, a beast symbol, and ??. The beast symbol is 0 which turns the equation 13+0+??=18.

Unlocking the Puzzle Door 15 18 3

This means that ?? is equal to 5 and the beast symbol that corresponds to 5 is the one with five limbs. Find the dial with ??, then roll it into the symbol indicated in the image above.

Once you’re done, you can now open the door and open the chest inside.

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