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How to Unlock Legacy Units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

The Legacy Update unlocks 15 new characters, Factions and a new Campaign.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator How to Unlock Legacy Units

A lot has changed in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator since its Alpha Test in 2016. What started as a game parody of the RTS Battle Simulator genre, turned out as a pretty decent and fun game that gets even better as the years go by.

The Legacy Update, which came out in late 2020 introduced factions in the game. Here, your units are arranged into factions or themes where your units are placed into tabs with a specific theme in mind.

For instance, cowboys or gunslingers are now in the wild West tab, mummies are on the Egypt tab and so forth. The latest updates now include the ability to create custom units and maps to make the game more diverse which is one of the cool features especially in multiplayer.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to unlock Legacy Units which is one of the first unlockable content in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator which also gives you the Legacy Campaign for single players.

Guide on How to Unlock Legacy Units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Guide on How to Unlock Legacy Units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

There are a total of 15 Legacy Units that you can unlock in TABS. Getting all of them will grant you the Legacy Campaign which has a decent story for you to complete. Let’s face it, in Battle Simulator Games, we tend to focus most of our time in Sandbox mode where we create small or large-scale battles and watch the fight unfold.

To start, head over to the Legacy Map from the menu. That’s where all the units can be unlocked.

Once you get into the game map, switch your view to flight mode. The default button for that is the F button. You will then have to search for items that will unlock specific Legacy Units in the field.

Landmark (Chapel)

Landmark Chapel

To keep things simple, we will be unlocking units based on their locations on the map. The first set of units we will unlock first are those that are located in the Chapel.

Super Boxer (graveyard)

Super Boxer graveyard

In the Chapel area, head to the graveyard to your right. Search for the grave with a pair of boxing gloves on the ground. Getting these will unlock the Super Boxer.

Blow Dart (Open grave)

Blow Dart Open grave

A blow gun will be lying on an open grave right outside the Chapel doors. Getting them will unlock Blow Dart Legacy Units for your simulation.

Poacher (Statue)

Poacher Statue

Head towards the Statue and zoom in. There will be a plaque attached to the base of the statue. Read the plaque to get the Poacher.

Dark Peasant (Tombstone Behind the Church)

Dark Peasant Tombstone Behind the Church

The graveyard is littered with tombstones. The Dark Peasant Unit can be unlocked by searching for a glove lying on top of a tombstone. It’s located directly behind the Chapel.

Pike (back of the Chapel)

Pike back of the Chapel

Search for a wooden pole resting on the back of the Chapel. This will unlock the Pike Unit.

Super Peasant (Chapel Tower)

Super Peasant Chapel Tower

To Unlock a more powerful variation of Peasants, head to the Chapel tower. Locate the window and go inside. A pair of peasant gloves are located there and getting these will unlock the Super Peasant.

Pharaoh (broken Chapel roof)

Pharaoh broken Chapel roof

Search for a hole in the Chapel roof and go inside. It will take you to the attic of the Chapel where you will need to find a sarcophagus stored inside. Getting it will unlock Pharaoh.

Wizard (Tree Stump)

Wizard Tree Stump

To get the Wizard, follow the dirt path leading away from the church into a forest clearing. There will be a tree stump around there where a pointy wizard hat will be lying on top of it.

Landmark (Red Tents)

Landmark Red Tents

The next set of Legacy Units we will be unlocking is located in the Army Camp. It’s a cluster of red tents to the right of the Chapel Landmark. Here are the items you should look for.



The Chariot can be unlocked by searching for the roman chariot located at the head of the army camp.

Banner Bearer (Army Standard)

Banner Bearer Army Standard

Search for the Roman Standard located in the centre of the camp. Getting these will unlock the Banner Bearer for your game.

Boxer (clearing behind army camp)

Boxer clearing behind army camp

Search for a stone circle with a pair of boxing gloves in the middle. It’s located behind the army camp. Get the gloves to Unlock Boxer Units.

These are all the units you can unlock at this location.

Landmark (Blue Tents)

Landmark Blue Tents

Head to the Army Camp on the opposite end of the field. It’s the cluster of Blue Tents in the area. These are the items that you can unlock in the area.

Barrel Roller

Barrel Roller

Search for the Barrel located outside one of the army tents. This will unlock Barrel Rollers for your army.

Flag Bearer (Sword Flag)

Flag Bearer Sword Flag

Head to the center of the army camp and look for the flag. Getting these will unlock the Flag Bearer. That’s all of the units you can find in this area.

Thor (Crater)

Thor Crater 1

Look for a crater at the back of the map its located between the church and the army camp. There will be streaks of lighting in the area. Look for Thor’s Mjolnir to Unlock him.

TANK (hidden Cave)

TANK hidden Cave

The next one is going to be tricky. Head towards the Chapel area and search under a cluster of trees located in the image above.

A Cave entrance can be found in that area and going deeper into the Cave will reveal a tank wreckage.

Grab the tank to Unlock it for your army.

Bonus Secret Campaign

Bonus Secret Campaign

Unlocking all 15 Secret Legacy Units will give you the Secret Campaign. Having these units will make things easier for you to clear the Legacy Campaign while introducing you to the strengths and weaknesses of each Legacy Unit you have unlocked.

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