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How to Unlock Hidden Achievements in T3 Arena

Dominate the arena and unlock hidden achievements in T3 Arena.




How to Unlock Hidden Achievements in T3 Arena 2

In T3 Arena, you will experience a lot of fighting and duels between different characters’ unique skills and abilities. But the fun does not just revolve and limit there.

If you want more challenge and spice in the game, you might as well try and unlock the hidden achievements in T3 Arena.

Just like in any game, achievements after completing specific tasks are always present. But in this game, there are also some achievements that you have to unlock without knowing the requirements to get these.

Basically, all you have to do is think it over and guess the objective according to its icon or logo since the only description written under these is ???.

How to Unlock Hidden Achievements in T3 Arena

How to Unlock Hidden Achievements in T3 Arena 1
Source: More Atomyc

In this game, there are only four hidden achievements that you have to guess, and eventually, complete. If you think this is just a piece of cake because there are only four compared to all the other achievements, then better think again.

You will have no idea what is supposed to happen in order to unlock these so, it is expected you to take a while in unlocking all these four.

This guide is a major spoiler because we are about to tell you what is supposed to be done to complete these hidden gems here.

So, let’s hop in the arena!

Hidden Achievement #1

Hidden Achievement 1 T3 Arena
Source: ECHO Gaming

For you to unlock the first hidden achievement, you have to kill Gloria during her move speed passive.

Gloria has a passive ability called Dashing. She will gain a 25% movement speed boost two seconds after disengaging.

Hidden Achievement #2

Hidden Achievement 2 T3 Arena
Source: Mixfant Gaming

This second hidden achievement is relatively much harder than the other. This will require you to push back the enemy payload by 50 meters.

The competition will be fierce if you do this because 50 meters is not easy to do in Payload Game.

Hidden Achievement #3

Hidden Achievement 3 T3 Arena

To unlock the third hidden achievement, you have to use either Aleta or Johnny Jet. What needs to happen is for you to die while invisible. However, it is kind of hard to get killed while invisible, don’t you think? Having said that, we have a tip for you.

Enter a free-for-all map and choose either of the two mentioned heroes. When an enemy shoots you, immediately go invisible and jump off the map. Basically, you have to play on the edge of the map to easily execute this.

Hidden Achievement #4

Hidden Achievement 4 T3 Arena

This last hidden achievement is closely related to the previous one and is actually one of the easiest to do.

All you have to do is to fall off the map. If you think about it, you can just do both the third and last hidden achievements at once if you follow the tip mentioned. By falling off the map while using either Aleta or Johnny Jet, you can already unlock two out of the four hidden achievements.

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