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How to Unlock Grapple Hook in Returnal | Defeat Ixion

Reach the end of the second biome to obtain this

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How to Unlock Grapple Hook in Returnal 1

There is permanent equipment in Returnal which means they will be with you even if you die on a cycle.

One of these is the Grapple Hook, which is also a requirement to reach another biome in the game.

It is easy to find but hard to get, and we will show you where you can get it.

Getting the Grapple Hook

Getting the Grapple Hook
Source: Yobuko

The Grapple Hook or the Icarian Grapnel in Returnal can be obtained in the Crimson Wastes Biome.

After defeating Phrike in the first biome, you will obtain a Crimson Key, which unlocks the Crimson Gate allowing access to the Crimson Wastes Biome.

You’ll encounter Ixion at the mountain’s summit at the end of the second biome. As one of the bosses, it will be hard to defeat it.

encounter Ixion
Source: Yobuko

Also, like other bosses, you must fight Ixion in three phases.

The first phase is relatively easy. However, the second phase is a bit challenging compared to the previous boss Phrike.

Aiming at the head of Ixion will make you do more damage.

The strategy to defeat Ixion is by kiting while dodging particles thrown by Ixion.

fight Ixion in three phases

Also, remember that he has homing projectiles, so always have your dodge whenever Ixion uses these projectiles.

homing projectiles

Lastly, in his last phase, Ixion uses melee attacks, and each attack can create shockwaves that will damage you if you get hit.


After defeating Ixion, a short cutscene will play where the platform in the center will have three alien corpses.

Go near the corpse at the center and interact with it to obtain the Icarian Grapnel.

Congratulations on defeating Ixion and getting the Grapple Hook.

You can now continue on to the next biome!

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