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How to Unlock Flesh in Rogue Genesia

Find out how to unlock it using this guide

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How to Unlock Flesh in Rogue Genesia

Rogue: Genesia is an action rogue-lite game, where you fight relentless hordes consisting of hundreds and thousands of monsters, carve your path through their ranks, defeat the boss and save one of the many worlds.

The flesh can be unlocked through the “To hell with armor, nothing beats the flesh” achievement.

This is also the only way to get clumsy to level 10 in a single run. This guide will show you how to unlock flesh in Rogue Genesia quickly. So let’s dive in.

How to Unlock Flesh

It is important to remember that you don’t level up the Soul Shop upgrade for defense, so you start with 0 defense.

Eventually,  you will have to get Clumsy first, so you reach to reach -2 defense.

How to Unlock Flesh

Like most games, defense is important. This means you’re also looking to increase your defense and max health. Make sure you don’t have the 2 armor given to you through the soul shop to be qualified for the achievement.

It’s better to just refund it if you put points into it. To unlock the achievement, get the uncommon ability that gives you +1 projectile and -2 armor called clumsy.

There is an ascended rarity card called lunatic it’ll give you exactly -20 armor if you have the clumsy ability.  Additionally, to unlock lunatic you need to achieve 20 defense.

Unlocking this achievement gives you 5x hp but -5 defense which means this is useful for overall health, increasing your likelihood for survival but may hinder temporary defensive options.

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