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How to Unlock Camo Riot Shield and Knife in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Slap some drip into your Riot Shield and Knife to take down enemies in style

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How to Unlock Camo Riot Shield and Knife in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are all about out-gunning other players to come out on top. Sniper, M4 rifle, or submachinegun, players are doing everything they can to rain bullets to keep up their killstreaks.

However, what if you’re a player that prefers to bring a knife or a shield to a gunfight? This playstyle has its pros and cons. But the bottom line is that it’s very satisfying every time you get a kill.

The best way to dominate the lobby with the Riot Shield and Knife is if you have the awesome camo skins available for players to unlock. If you don’t know how to unlock them, this guide has got your back.

How to Unlock camo Riot Shield and Knife

To unlock the camo skins for the Riot Shield and Knife, you have to reach level 11 for each level to get the base camo challenges. So, how can players gain fast XP to reach level 11 as fast as possible?

Most players simply hop on a normal match and try to grind as much as possible. However, this is difficult, especially if you’re new to the melee playstyle.

The most efficient method is to level up on Invasion. In this game mode, you get to farm easy XP by killing players and bots. It’s a much more efficient method than simply trying to farm XP on normal matches.

How to Unlock camo Riot Shield and Knife
Image source: Technicallywild

Remember that blocking enemy fire with the shield also earns you more XP. Thus, making it extremely easy to get XP from mindless bots and players.

Base Camo Challenge

Once you have leveled the weapons up to 11, you will finally get the base camo challenges. If you want to acquire the camos, you need to accomplish their challenges to unlock them. The challenge required to unlock the base camo is:

  • Get 40 kills with the Riot Shield
  • Get 50 kills with the Knife
Base Camo Challenge 2
Image source: Technicallywild

It’s important to stay fast and agile if you want to swiftly take care of your targets. Obviously, try not to engage in long-range fights, and make sure to use the terrain to your advantage.

Remember to use the stun on the shield first to make the second hit easy.

Gold Camo Challenge

To unlock the gold camo you need to get 2 kills in 1 life and do it 10 times.

To make this challenge bearable, try to do it on a close-quarters map like Al Barga Fortress. The lifeblood of the melee playstyle is being fast and engaging in close, so make sure to remember that.

Platinum Camo Challenge

The platinum camo can be unlocked only after accomplishing the gold challenge on both weapons. So, once you have it unlocked, you need to kill 2 enemies within 10 seconds and do this 10 times.

Platinum Camo Challenge
Image source: Technicallywild

This one is slightly harder than the gold challenge. However, at this point, you’re probably well-versed with the knife and riot shield playstyle so this part is just primarily grinding to finish the task.

These are all the challenges you need to accomplish to unlock each camo skin for the weapons. Now, get out there and make the melee mains proud!

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