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How to Unlock Breeding in Hogwarts Legacy | Beast Breeding Guide

Did you know you can breed magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy?




How to Unlock Breeding in Hogwarts Legacy Beast Breeding Guide

The Vivarium is a unique area in the Room of Requirement that serves as a safe haven for captured and tamed Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

As you progress through the game, you will get access to a mechanism that allows you to breed magical creatures and help them produce offspring. But first, you need to unlock the ability to breed your beasts first.

If you want to know how to unlock Breeding in Hogwarts Legacy, keep reading below!

Unlocking the Breeding Pen

Unlocking the Breeding Pen

Source: DPJ

Before you can begin breeding magical creatures, you must first complete the Plight of a House Elf and Charles Rookwood’s Trial quests.

If you have completed two of Deeks’ quests, you will receive a note inviting you to return to him and learn about breeding. This quest is called the Foal of the Dead.

Deek will request you to buy the Breeding Pen during this quest, which is easy with everything already marked on the map.

To complete the quest:

  • Capture both the male and female Thestrals.
  • Purchase the Breeding Pen Spellcraft from the Tomes & Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade.

Return to the Requirement Room and speak with Deek. A cutscene will play, revealing the Swamp biome in the Vivarium. Enter the new world space and set the two Thestrals free.

Next, spend 15 Moonstones to construct the Breeding Pen and select which species you want to start breeding.

Unlocking the Breeding Pen 1

Source: DPJ

In Hogwarts Legacy, the breeding procedure takes 30 minutes, so you can just leave it and get back to your breeding pen at a later time.

When it is completed, pet the offspring and feed it snacks. Finally, return to Deek to finish the mission, and you’re done!

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