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How to Unlock all Weapons in Wild Hearts

Unlock all eight weapons to become a powerful Kemono hunter.




How to Unlock all Weapons in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts’ eight weapon types are incredibly flexible and powerful, and they are well-suited to specific playstyles and scenarios.

So if you want to take down any Kemono with ease, you need to unlock the last three weapons as soon as possible. These are the Claw Blade, Hand Cannon, and Karakuri Staff.

If you don’t know how, this guide will show you how to do it.

Unlock the Forge

Unlock the Forge

Source: DSGaming

When you initially start Wild Hearts, your character only has one weapon which is the Karakuri Katana.

While this weapon is powerful and capable of carrying you through the game, you’ll want to acquire additional weapon types as soon as possible so you can test them out.

After meeting Natsume the Blacksmith, you’ll be able to build a Forge in your camp which you can use to create new weapons. This unlocks four new weapon types: Nodachi, Bow, Maul, and Bladed Wagasa.

Nonetheless, there will be three weapon-type slots that will remain unavailable to you.

Complete Chapter 1

Complete Chapter 1

Source: DSGaming

To unlock all of the weapons in the game, you must first finish Chapter 1. Here’s what you need to accomplish to finish Chapter 1 and open the remaining weapons:

  • Successfully hunt the Kingtusk to gain access to the Minato Village.
  • Travel to Natsukodachi Island (the second zone) to battle the Spineglider.
  • Completing the main quests will allow you to defeat the Lavaback and the Gritdog.
  • Complete the Earthshaker-related quest.
  • Speak with Natsume in the Forge after the festival.

After completing these steps and speaking with Natsume, you can then build the three new weapons in the Forge.

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