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How to Unlock All Forbidden Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Gain access to forbidden power and annihilate your enemies!

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How to Unlock All Forbidden Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can become evil by learning the Dark Arts. These are basically any magic that is primarily used to cause harm to other people or creatures.

Among the Dark Arts in the game are the so-called Forbidden or Unforgivable Curses. If you’re interested in unlocking them, this guide is for you.

How to Unlock Unforgivable Curses

How to Unlock Unforgivable Curses

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Using one of the Unforgivable Curses will change how the characters in Hogwarts Legacy interact with you in the main story quest.

This can also alter the ending.

To unlock the Unforgivable Curses, you need to do and complete Sebastian Sallows’s Dark Legacy quest line which you can start after completing the main story quest, Welcome to Hogsmeade.

Check your Owlposts in the menu if Sebastian sent you a letter to trigger the quest.

You will know if you are on the right track if the quest name begins with “In the Shadow of.”

That said, here are the curses in the game:

Crucio, Cruciatus Curse

Crucio Cruciatus Curse

Source: AndyReloads

The first Unforgivable Curse you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy is Crucio. Casting Crucio on an enemy will inflict excruciating pain and curse the enemy, causing it to receive more damage than usual.

The quest that rewards you with this spell is In the Shadow of the Study, which has a level 16 requirement.

Imperio, Imperius Curse

Imperio Imperius Curse

Source: AndyReloads

The next Unforgivable Curse is Imperio which temporarily makes an enemy your ally when hit.

The quest you can obtain it from is In the Shadow of Time, which you can automatically receive once you’ve begun Sebastian’s Dark Legacy questline.

You can receive this once you reach level 17.

Avada Kedavra, Killing Curse

Avada Kedavra Killing Curse

Source: AndyReloads

The last Unforgivable Curse is the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra which will instantly kill an enemy when hit.

You can obtain the quest In the Shadow of the Relic once you reach level 27. However, you must check your Owlpost to trigger the quest.

The minimum level you can complete the main story quest of Hogwarts is level 25. So if you want to use Avada Kedavra in the main story quest, you must do some side quests first until you reach level 27 to obtain the spell.

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