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How to Unlimited Dash in Forspoken

Easily evade enemy attacks by dashing out.




How to Unlimited Dash in Forspoken

Forspoken is known to be a game with a lot of movements, especially when engaging in a fight. As you play, you have to do everything to keep the main character, Frey, alive in this new and strange world.

Frey’s parkour skills and high stamina are greatly utilized during combat. As you progress, Frey will eventually learn how to dash which is essential for evading attacks or traveling faster.

Surprisingly, there’s a way to perform unlimited dash in Forspoken, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Unlimited Dash in Forspoken

Unlimited Dash in Forspoken


Once you have played the game for hours, you will get the idea of Frey’s dodging attack. To perform a slight dash, you have to hold the left stick and press O.

As implied in its name, a slight dash only covers a small distance for a short time. However, if you hold both the stick and the O button, you can do unlimited dashes.

Unlimited Dash in Forspoken 1


With unlimited dash, you will look as if you are running at a very fast speed. You can use this to easily escape a large group of enemies swarming towards you.

Moreover, the distance you can cover in a short time is also significantly increased.

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