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How to Tame Animals in Wild Hearts

Learn how to tame the wild creatures you meet along your adventures.




How to Tame Animals in Wild Hearts 1

In the world of Azuma, there are lots of monsters and Kemono beasts that you can encounter just by wandering around. It might be hard to believe, but you can actually tame some animals that you can also find.

However, the animals that you can tame here are not the ones that are gigantic and extremely dangerous. If you walk around to some places, you will notice that there are also critters that you can tame, befriend, and even consider as your pet.

This guide will show you how to do it.

Taming Animals in Wild Hearts

Taming Animals in Wild Hearts 1

Source: LunarGaming Videos

The small beasts that you can make as pets are actually a little more difficult to find compared to any other items or resources.

But once you see a small animal resting or walking around, then make sure to not let the opportunity slide.

However, it is not just finding small animals that are challenging but catching them as well. You have to be both quick and stealthy.

Once you have found one, silently go behind it and press the Catch prompt on the screen to catch it.

Keeping the Pets

Keeping the Pets

Source: LunarGaming Videos

Now that you know how to catch a pet, the next step is to make sure that they have their own cage.

To do that, open the Karakuri tab and look for the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri.

Select it and place it wherever you want. Interact with it to choose which of your pets you want to place inside.

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