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How to Start a Fire in Sons of the Forest

Set up a simple bonfire to warm up and cook meals.




How to Start a Fire in Sons of the Forest 1

Starting a fire is a basic part of surviving in Sons of the Forest.

Just like in real life, you can start a fire to warm yourself up and cook a quick meal. This is a very important part of surviving the dangers you will face.

Read on and we’ll tell you how to start a fire in this quick guide.

How to Build a Fire in Sons of the Forest

How to Start a Fire in Sons of the Forest
Source: Gamers Heroes

Starting a fire in Sons of the Forest is actually surprisingly simple.

First off, find a lighter. You should find a lighter pretty early on, on the beach where you start the game, so you should have it from the start

When you have a lighter, all you need to find is 1 stick. Hold the stick in one of your hands, look at the floor, and press Left Click. This will make your character snap the stick and leave it on the floor.

need to find is 1 stick 1
Source: Gamers Heroes

You can now start the fire right away by pressing the prompt when looking at the sticks. By default, this is the E key.

However, you might want to improve your fire. To do so, find some rocks.

improve your fire 1

While holding the rocks and looking at the sticks, you’ll see a circular highlight. Press Left Click to place the rock. Complete the circle around the sticks to make a reinforced bonfire.

Light up the sticks and you’re done! You can now cozy around the bonfire and cook meals.

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