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How to Spin Wraith Knife in Apex Legends

Spin Wraith’s Knife as much as you want, even with a controller!




How to Spin Wraith Knife in Apex Legends

Wraith’s Knife is one of the Heirlooms players can get in Apex Legends. This knife is shaped like a kunai and has a little spin animation players can do.

By pressing the correct key combinations, you will spin the knife on your hand. This doesn’t really provide a gameplay benefit, but it’s a fun thing to do.

This guide will teach you how to do it.

How to Consistently Spin Wraith’s Knife in Apex Legends

How to Consistently Spin Wraiths Knife in Apex Legends
Source: YourSixGaming

You can spin Wraith’s Knife by pressing Inspect at the same as you hold down the Sprint key. Of course, this is while you hold Wraith’s Knife in your hand.

This is fairly simple if you’re using a keyboard and mouse setup. Just hold Sprint (Shift by default) and repeatedly press the Inspect key (N by default).

However, it’s a lot more complicated if you’re playing with a controller. This means console players have a harder time spinning the knife, as the default control scheme is not comfortable for it.

To make it easier to spin the knife with a controller, you should first head to the in-game settings menu.

How to Consistently Spin Wraiths Knife in Apex Legends 1
Source: YourSixGaming

First, enable Auto-Sprint in the Gameplay tab. This will make it so you don’t need to hold the Sprint button anymore.

This can be hard to get used to in regular gameplay, but it’s a huge help for spinning Wraith’s Knife. You no longer need to keep the Left Thumbstick pressed to spin the knife.

How to Consistently Spin Wraiths Knife in Apex Legends 2
Source: YourSixGaming

Next, go into the Controller tab and set Survival Slot Button to Off. This will allow you to inspect your weapon by simply pressing Left on the D-Pad.

With both of these settings, you simply need to move forward and press Left of the D-Pad to spin Wraith’s Knife!

It’s not quite as comfortable or fast as with a keyboard and mouse, but this is the easiest way to do so on a controller.

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