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How to Solve the Maze Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Complete a ball maze puzzle in order to recover Claire’s head.




How to Solve the Maze Puzzle in Atomic Heart

During Atomic Heart’s campaign, you’ll need to reassemble a female robot named Claire. To get one of the parts you need, you’ll need to complete a ball maze puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to complete this maze puzzle and recover Claire’s head.

How to Solve the Maze Puzzle

How to Solve the Maze Puzzle

Source: WoW Quests

The maze puzzle is part of the “Unease Lies The Head That Wears A Crown” quest. You can find it in Icarus Hall inside the building where you encounter Claire’s body.

The controls for this ball maze puzzle can be very finicky, so be patient. Your goal is to tilt the flying board until you get the yellow ball to the yellow slot.

The goal for the ball is on the exact opposite side of the maze. Notice the building in the platform you’re controlling? The ball is on the front of the building while the goal is on the back.

How to Solve the Maze Puzzle 1

Source: WoW Quests

Start by tilting the platform down and to the left. Aim for the opening on the left side as you start the maze. After the ball enters the opening, navigate through the path and then keep tilting left.

Once the ball reaches the outermost edge, start tilting left and up. Rotate the platform as well, so that you have a clear view of the ball at all times.

Tilt up and make the ball go through the small opening, then keep tilting left until the ball reaches a clearing.

How to Solve the Maze Puzzle 2

Source: WoW Quests

You should now be on the backside of the building. Notice the yellow slot for the ball is directly below the building now.

Look for the opening on the left side. You’ll need to tilt until the ball is there and then navigate to the right. Don’t overshoot past the entrance to the goal, though.

Once you finally get the ball into the slot, the ball maze puzzle will be completed! Reach the lowered platform to grab Claire’s head and continue the quest.

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