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How to Solve the Magnet Polarity Puzzles in Atomic Heart

Breeze through the puzzles using this guide!




How to Solve the Magnet Polarity Puzzles in Atomic Heart

Even though Prey was a nice refresher at its moment, nothing has tasted quite like Bioshock – until now. Atomic Heart brings that explosive, bombastic, and at times, schizophrenic experience for everyone.

The game has many side activities, many of which require you to complete puzzles. One good example is the magnet polarity puzzles.

Let’s find out how you can solve them.

Solving the Magnet Polarity Puzzles

Solving the Magnet Polarity Puzzles
Source: WoW Quests

Head to the exhibition center. To enter the building, you will need to fix a mirror located on the left side of the entrance. You can do this by locating an underground area beneath the mirror that has a few puzzles in it.

To enter the underground area, you need to drag a white monument located nearby (which looks like a shell) with your powers. This will reveal a hole that serves as an entry.

You will then have to solve the following puzzles:

1st Puzzle

1st Puzzle 1
Source: WoW Quests

Most puzzles will require you to shock the magnets on the ceiling. This will change the polarity of the magnets and activate platforms that transport you to the top of the pillars (as shown in the image).

Toying with the magnets will also change the layout of the rooms.

Once you’re on top of the pillar, jump to the platform on the right. Explore this new platform to find an open door. Head into the door till the end of the road to find a blue contraption on a golden door.

2nd Puzzle

1st Puzzle
Source: WoW Quests

You will arrive at a new room that contains the second puzzle. From the entrance’s POV, look for two pillars on your left. Parkour your way up using the shock mechanic on the magnets.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the puzzle that’s shown in the image.

Toy with the last wheel on the second row once, then toy with the last wheel on the first row. Finally, toy with the last wheel on the second row again.

After this, use the pillars and your shock to climb to the new open door for the next puzzle.

3rd Puzzle

2nd Puzzle

This puzzle is straightforward. You need to get to the door shown in the image.

To do this, jump from pillar to pillar by alternating the polarity of the magnets in the ceiling (just like you’ve done in the previous rooms).

From the POV shown in the image, just keep heading on the road made by the platforms. You will need to jump from the platform and then use your shock.

Keep on doing this until you eventually arrive at the door.

4th Puzzle

3rd Puzzle

As you might have guessed, your goal in this room is to reach the stair. Just as you have done before, you need to traverse platforms using your shock on the magnets.

Once you have reached the stairs, follow the road that requires more use of shock on the magnets.

Eventually, you’ll reach a room that contains a Cartridge Slot. This is the final step to fixing the mirror and entering the exhibition center.

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