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How to Solve the HAWK 04 Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Complete the puzzle to disable the HAWK system in the area.

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How to Solve the HAWK 04 Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Exploring Facility 3826 in Atomic Heart can be challenging with all the aggressive robots and mutants all over the place. Sometimes, there are areas with many security cameras that raise the Alert level.

Alert level 1 will make all the robots go to your last known location to attack you while level 2 spawns more bots.

To avoid this, you must hack into the HAWK system to disable the cameras. One of the areas near the Kolektiv Complex has a HAWK drone, and we will show you how to disable it.

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle
Source: ZaFrostPet

Near the HAWK drone located southwest of the Kolektiv Complex is a manhole. Drop down to it, head to the right, walk further, then take a left and another left.

From there, continue until you reach the boiler room. On the right is a door leading you to the candle orbs needed to turn on the boilers.

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle 1
Source: ZaFrostPet

Pick up one, then drag it onto the tube near the door. Step outside the door, then use your gloves to drag it into a boiler.

You need to activate four boilers, meaning you need to do this three more times.

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle 2
Source: ZaFrostPet

After activating the last boiler, all the vines in the area will burn. Head to the other side of the boiler room to find another door with a lockpicking puzzle.

To unlock it you must press A or X to snap P-3’s fingers when a Pin has a red light turned on.

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle 3

After solving the door puzzle, continue on the path until you find this Polymer shown above. Go inside it to emerge outside of the sewers.

As soon as you exit the Polymer, you will find yourself on the lake southwest of your initial location where you’ll find the camera tower.

Solving the HAWK 04 Puzzle 4

Climb up the camera tower, then use the camera indicated in the image to unlock the door to the HAWK Relay building.

Head to the HAWK Relay and interact with it, then select the Overload Relay option which will cause the wind turbines to explode.

This will disable the HAWK System, including the cameras and robots around the area. You have a maximum of 15 minutes until it is back online.

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