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How to Solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Light up the torches to get those sweet loots.

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How to Solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Solving puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy can reward you with gear, cosmetics, recipes, and many more. In Hogwarts, you will come across a puzzle in a bridge involving torches mounted on its sides.

Solving this puzzle will allow you to free loot, and we’ll show you how exactly to solve it.

Solving the Bridge Puzzle

Solving the Bridge Puzzle

Source: Trophy Tom

Before you start solving the puzzle, you should first unlock the fire spell, Incendio.

You can do this by doing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 which can be obtained after you complete the main quest, “The Locket’s Secret.”

The quest is about dueling and practicing combos on the training dummy. Talk to Lucas Brattleby to start dueling and training with the dummy.

Solving the Bridge Puzzle 1

Source: Trophy Tom

Once you complete the quest and obtain Incendio, go to the bridge between the Great Hall and the Library Annex. There are four torches on the sides of the bridge, and below each torch is a symbol.

Solving the Bridge Puzzle 2

Source: Trophy Tom

On the bridge, you will find a plate with symbols on the torches and a corresponding number. This plate is located on the northwestern end of the bridge.

You only need to rotate the number on the torches to solve the puzzle by following the plate. Light the torches first with Incendio, as the numbers will not rotate if it is not lit up.

Solving the Bridge Puzzle 3

After completing the puzzle, the secret area under the bridge will be unlocked and you will find three chests. Here, you can find two collections chests and one regular chest.

Collection chests may contain random wand handles or conjuration recipes while a regular chest may have random gear.

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