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How to Solve Rookwood’s Trial Puzzle – Hogwarts Legacy

Use the Blue and Red side to your advantage

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How to Solve Rookwoods Trial Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy

Some of the main quests in Hogwarts Legacy have tons of puzzles to solve before you can finish them. One of them is Charles Rookwood’s Trial which can be obtained after finishing the quest, Back on the Path.

In his Trial, you have to find archways that can be blue or red, and each color alters what you see on the other side.

We will show you how to solve it quickly and easily.

Solving Rookwood’s Trial

Solving Rookwoods Trial

Source: Gaming With Midnite

To start, hit the rune switch with a basic attack to make you see the blue side of the archway. Upon facing the archway, it will show the blue side which has a box with a silhouette of a pillar.

Solving Rookwoods Trial 1

Source: Gaming With Midnite

Equip Accio, cast it onto the box, and pull it out of the archway. Place the box around the archway, then go back to the blue side of the archway.

You will see that the box you placed will turn into a pillar. Once that happens, pass through the archway then climb on the pillar to reach the bridge.

Solving Rookwoods Trial 2

Source: Gaming With Midnite

Once you are on the bridge, face to the right then hit the rune switch to rotate the bridge, allowing you to cross to the other side.

You’ll find a chest on the bridge. Loot it to receive a Ceramic Mask.

While progressing through the mission, you will encounter other puzzles; you only need to remember to use the blue and red sides to solve them.

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