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How to Solve Number Door Puzzle at Ravenclaw Tower – Hogwarts Legacy

Goes to show that Ravenclaw’s mind is the most powerful!




How to Solve Number Door Puzzle at Ravenclaw Tower Hogwarts Legacy

As you further progress in the game, you will be solving a lot of puzzles including the animal symbol door puzzles. One of these door puzzles is readily accessible if you belong to the Ravenclaw House.

That being said, we made this guide to help you find the solution to this number door puzzle.

How to Solve the Number Door Puzzle

How to Solve the Number Door Puzzle

Source: FP Good Game

The number door puzzle in the Ravenclaw Tower can be found in this part of the tower shown in the image.

As mentioned before, being a Ravenclaw makes it easier for you to access this area. However, there is still a possibility for you to reach this even though you are from another house. You just need to do a bit of exploration.

How to Solve the Number Door Puzzle 1

Source: FP Good Game

From the Floo Flame Location in the Grand Staircase Tab, go to this door and cast Revelio. Once you do this, numbers, shapes, and animal icons will appear.

How to Solve the Number Door Puzzle 2

Source: FP Good Game

After a few seconds, you will be able to see the numbers and the animal icons clearly. As you can observe, the arch of the door is composed of different animals.

All 10 animals correspond to numbers 0 to 9, starting from the bottom left and going to the bottom down. The second thing you need to do is take a look at the numbers. The numbers at the center represent the sum of the equation.

Lastly, there will be two equations that you need to answer which are represented by ? and ??.

Here’s the solution:

Equation 1

Equation 1

For the first equation, the clues that we have are 13 as the sum, 1, and the spider which is equivalent to 8 according to the door arc. Now, adding 1 and 8 gives us 9. To come up with the answer of 13, we need 4.

If you go to the back of the room, you will see a circular plate with a ? written on it. To get 4, we have to look for the owl. Roll this plate until you arrive at the picture of the owl.

Equation 2

Equation 2

Moving on to the next puzzle, the clues that we got are the sum 21, 13, and a hydra which is equal to 3. Adding 13 and 3 gives us 16. To arrive at the answer of 21, we will need 5. If you look at the door arc, 5 is equivalent to the crab.

From the door, look behind you to the right side and you will see another circular plate with a ?? on it. Roll it until you arrive at the icon of a crab.

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