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How to Solve Door Puzzle 6/11 in Hogwarts Legacy

Solve the math puzzle to open this door near the Grand Staircase.




How to Solve Door Puzzle 6 11 in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy features many puzzle doors. These doors are locked behind basic math puzzles obfuscated by using symbols instead of showing the numbers.

You can find one near the Grand Staircase area, with its hints being 6 and 11.

We’ll go over how you can solve this 6/11 puzzle door in this quick guide.

Door Puzzle 6/11 Solution

Door Puzzle 6 11 Solution

Source: The Ginger Empire

To reach the door puzzle, fast-travel to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame. Go up the stairs and then turn right to find another flight of stairs. Run up the stairs and turn to your left to find it.

The clues to this door total a 6 and an 11. One of the dials is to the left of the door and the other is on the floor below.

For the dial on the left of the door, roll it until it’s set to the sloth-like furry creature representing 0 like in the picture below.

Door Puzzle 6 11 Solution 1

Source: The Ginger Empire

Now, head down the stairs and turn to your left down the other set of stairs. Turn left again to find the second dial. It’s almost exactly below the puzzle door.

Roll this dial until it’s set to the spider-looking creature with a face that represents 5. The door should now open.

With both dials set, head back up the stairs and open the door. Loot both of the chests and claim your reward.

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