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How to Solve Door Puzzle 21/17 in Hogwarts Legacy

Open the puzzle door found in the Library Annex.




How to Solve Door Puzzle 21 17 in Hogwarts Legacy

By exploring Hogwarts, you’ll be able to come across a variety of puzzle doors with symbols and numbers on them.

Solving the mathematical puzzles on these doors will give you many rewards, so try not to ignore them as much as possible.

This short guide will cover the 21/17 puzzle door found in the Library Annex area and how to solve it.

Door Puzzle 21/17 Solution

Door Puzzle 21 17 Solution

Source: The Ginger Empire

As mentioned, you can find the 21/17 puzzle door in the Library Annex area. You can reach it by fast traveling to the Potions Classroom Floo Flame. Turn around as soon as you fast travel and you should see the puzzle door.

The clues for this door total 21 on the upper number and 17 on the lower number.

One of the dials for this door is next to the door’s left side. Roll this dial until it lands on the spider symbol that represents 8.

Door Puzzle 21 17 Solution 1

Source: The Ginger Empire

Now, you’ll have to find the second dial. Turn around and head upstairs, and turn to your left and go up another set of stairs. You should be able to see the dial on the wall right in front of you.

Roll this dial until it changes to the three-headed snake. Don’t confuse this symbol for the Hydra symbol which has many more heads. This represents the number 3.

With both dials set to the proper symbols, head back down the stairs and open the door. Loot the chests to claim your reward!

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