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How to Setup Dedicated Server on Dysterra

Play on your own rules by setting up your own server!




How to Setup Dedicated Server on Dysterra

Dysterra is a massive online survival game that is powered visually by Unreal Engine 4. The game takes place on an abandoned planet with the same name.

Here, you need to find a method to survive by extracting the most advanced energy resource Terrasite from the Earth, where a massive pillar of fire known as Terrafire is killing everything in its path.

Dysterra: Setup Dedicated Server

Dysterra Setup Dedicated Server

It’s not uncommon for players to host their own servers for a multitude of reasons. This can add variety because the rules can be altered to suit your preferences or provide a more secure environment for you and your friends if you prefer not to play with strangers.

This tutorial is for those who wish to host their own Dysterra server. If you’re interested in creating your own Dysterra server, keep reading the article below.

Creating Customized Server

Creating Customized Server

To be able to set up a dedicated Dysterra server, port forwarding must be configured to the following on your personal Inter router or switch so your friends can connect to the server PC:

  • TCP Local Port 27015(Default): SRCDS Rcon Port
  • UDP Local Port 27015(Default): GamePlay Traffic

Once that is done, look for the “Dysterra Playtest Dedicated Server” in your Steam’s library and install it. Make sure the Tools filter is activated in the list box for it to appear.

After installing, run the dedicated server. Make sure Steam is turned off, or else the dedicated server will not run.

When the program is successfully launched, a Notepad for the world settings will appear. Here, you can customize settings to your liking. Save the world configuration file and exit the notepad.

The server will then start to run if you’ve done everything successfully. Usually, it takes 3-5 minutes to load.

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