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How To Remove Enemies Shield – We Who Are About to Die

A guide on disarming your enemy’s shield.

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How To Remove Enemies Shield We Who Are About to Die

We are About to Die is an Indie RPG fight simulation game published by Jordy Lakiere. This game takes bits from the famous game Mount & Blade but puts emphasis on the battle aspect. 

Even though this game was released last year, it still has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

To be successful in this game, you must possess knowledge of its mechanics so you can win your battles. One such important knowledge is about learning how to disarm your enemy’s shield.

This guide will teach you how to do it.

How to Remove Enemies Shield

Fighting against an enemy with a shield can get very annoying.

It can drag out a fight and can allow the enemy to deal chip damage at you. Luckily, you can remove enemy shields by using two different types of weapons which are as follows:



Source: KongThe Gamer

This weapon has a lot of attributes that can negate a shield. First is its ability to poke your enemy when timed correctly.

Once you are at a safe distance from your enemy, wait until your enemy attacks so you can stab him while he’s exposed.

The second type of attack you can use on your spear is its overhead attack. To do an overhead attack, simply press your attack button twice.



Source: KongThe Gamer

The ax is a good alternative to the spear.

Firstly, this weapon can flail in against a wide range of weapons as long as it has an L shape. The blade of the weapon can hit your enemy before it even hits the shield.

You want to make sure to swing this weapon over your opponent’s shield for maximum efficiency.

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