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How to Recruit Thopas in Chained Echoes Location Guide

Recruit Thopas to gain more Crystals every time you mine!




How to Recruit Thopas in Chained Echoes Location Guide

The second act of Unchained Echoes is when you’ll be introduced to clans. Despite its unappealing appearance, Hermit’s Isle serves as the clan’s initial stronghold. You will need to upgrade your base by recruiting members.

This guide will teach you how to recruit Thopas and where to find him in Chained Echoes.

Hermit’s Isle

Hermits Isle

When you become the leader of the Crimson Wings clan in Chained Echoes, one of your responsibilities is to expand the clan’s membership. You may do this by actively seeking out new members wherever you go. Thopas is one of the members you can recruit.

Recruits can be found everywhere across Valandis, but some may be more elusive than others. As you bring more people to Hermit’s Isle to work at your base, especially more builders and construction workers, the island will begin to look more and more like home.

Recruiting Thopas

Recruiting Thopas

An unemployed miner named Thopas lives in the northeastern region of the Flying Continent of Shambala encircled on the map above. You must turn off the ether cannons guarding Shambala to get to him.

Once you do, you’ll be able to utilize your Sky Armor to quickly and easily get to the island where he is hiding out. When you bring up working together, Thopas will jump at the chance to join you.

At your shop on the eastern side of Hermit’s Isle, Thopas will set up shop in the smithing section. When you have Thopas on your side, every Crystal Source you mine will produce more Crystals.

You can only recruit Thomas once you reach Act 3 and Clan Rank 2.

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